$10 Coffee Table

Nick scored this table for us from a friend of his who was moving,
he sold it to us for $10!

I found one exactly like it on pinterest which I blogged about not too long ago.
I decided to do a soft, light gray in matte.
I was scared of sanding this table since I was pretty sure it wasn't pure wood,
I just primed it with an oil based primer instead.

It looks a little more gray in person but I LOVE LOVE LOVE the result!

Our New (old) Furniture

I started refurbishing our furniture and I scored this great dresser off craigslist recently.
Only $35!

It's slightly stained & scratched
but the drawers slide in and out smoothly
and its very sturdy.

Perfect for refurbishing!

I love this faux skeleton key hole which I think I might even hand paint silver
to make it more realistic.

This makes me think of the tinker bell scene! hahaha.

Progress so far on this project, 
I've spray painted the handles a flat black.

I chose a flat light blue (teal)
Much like the color in the center below:

Here are my inspiration for the color I chose.


My Etsy Shop


What a wonderful morning indeed!

I couldn't sleep (haven't been able to the last few days) 
I get this way when I have crazy ideas running through my head. 
Luckily, Im a morning person and Im always in a good mood when I get to watch the sunrise. 

Hot cocoa, sunrises & yoga pants.
Yup, pretty much sums me up. :)


"These are so ugly they are cute!"

Okay so I'm browsing through craigslist for some chairs to put out on our balcony and I came across the ugliest/cutest chairs EVER. They are so whimsical I can't help but want to buy them!

That last one is probably my favorite! lol. 
I don't know if my husband will go for it but I have to try, I hope they don't smell horrible.